Eclipse Phase: The Resurrectionist

No one expected to wake up in a graveyard ten years after the Fall mainly because there are no more graveyards. But when a group of forknapped individuals find themselves in one, they know something is deeply wrong. A twisted psychosurgeron known only as the Resurrectionist has press-ganged them into serving as pawns in its criminal schemes.

Jason B as Elezar
Renee as Cadence
Tom as Kurt Vogel
Aaron as Fargo
Ross as the GM

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  1. YES! Morez RPPR EP.

    Now to listen to the last 2 campaigns…

  2. Ross, I love how all of your muse voices invariably end up sounding like Clippy.

  3. 3:21:50 cue the Initial-D Deja Vu Meme with that driving crit!

    Glad to see you guys doing the new Edition of EP, give us more spacey post cyberpunk Shenanigans!

  4. Nice! It’s always fun to hear a good sci-fi heist, and this seems to provide plenty of hooks for more in the future.

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