Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory: The Pilgrims – Skagtoria

The Pilgrims, an odd group of warriors and rogues assembled for a secret mission, find themselves on Skagtoria, a remote Imperial planet. A small population of loyal citizens of the Imperium toil under the planet’s surface, eking out a meager existence. The Pilgrims realize that something darker is afoot and must find out the hidden evil before it destroys them.

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  1. Loving the adventure but it still hurts to see Eldar, Humans, and Orks all on the same side its the system I know but “Gah!”

  2. I have to admit. Any game Tom is an Ork I am down for. Also give Ross an award for working while sick.

  3. I am loving the contrast between Doombox of the Dark Angels and Battle Sister Daria!

  4. The different xenos together in an Imperial warband – that they honestly do a pretty good job of explaining. It’s weird, but orks will go along with anything that gets them a good fight, Eldar Corsairs are already outside the social norms for their people, and Inquisitorial retinues have hired xenos mercs before.

    What bugs me is having a second Captain Harlock. 40K already has a famous Rogue Trader named Captain “Haarlock”, who stars in a three-book campaign:

  5. @Space Captain –

    The ship is named the Harlock. My Eldar character’s name is Elephyon of the Southern Cross.

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