Doctor Witch Doctor Playtest Sessions 1

finding appropriate art for this game is fucking impossibleIn a hospital of mystically inclined doctors, no disease is too obscure to cure. Patients with the most impossible conditions are healed every day. Two such cases challenge two groups of unique healers. Just another day in Doctor Witch Doctor!

These are two early playtests of Caleb’s storytelling game about medical melodrama, supernatural nonsense, and deductive reasoning. Learn more about Doctor Witch Doctor at RPPR.

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  1. Matt Reed

    I love this damn thing already, and I am only five minutes in

  2. This game sounds like a ton of fun

  3. This was pretty delightfully silly. The only thing I can think of that’d make it better would be to have it set up so that the intro and first round of diagnosis all have to be ‘serious-ish’. Then after that fails to immediately yield results the witch doctering can come in force.

  4. i think pre-patient introduction there needs to be one round of everyone doing medical drama at the beginning, sort of set the scene for it all.

    Love the gurney scene. Caleb, I hope you’ve played Theme Hospital/Two Point Hospital.

  5. I’m not even all the way through this and I’m already excited to try this with my group.

  6. I would totaling beta test this game at any time

  7. I hope this gets published before I’m done with pharmacy school. I need this in my life.

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