Delta Green: Kali Ghati

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Synopsis: A mixed group of federal law enforcement and military agents find themselves in Afghanistan on a mission for Delta Green. A fellow Delta Green agent has gone missing from an Army base in a troubled province. It’s up to the agents to find him before the disappearance draws the kind of attention that Delta Green cannot afford. The missing agent went on a mission by himself into the heart of darkness. Even if the team survives the journey, can they gaze into the void and survive?

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  1. I for one have always thought the Basic Role-Playing system was at its best when 85% of the session is almost-completely acontextual combat =|

  2. Lines up with my read of the module. Weak start, and a prime example of how the way information is presented to us shapes how we present it to others. There was a very clear shift in Ross’ tone when he switched from the abstract skill-gated infodump in the early investigation to the freeform QnA in the midpoint. The final act is definitely the strongest; it takes some pretty obvious railroading to get there, but the roadside ambush can be scarily tense, and the encounter with the Sleeper, Ellis, and the cultists is CLASSIC CoC. If I were to run it, I’d probably rewrite the beginning to make the infodump flow better, but Ross did the best he could with an imperfect module.

  3. Didn’t have as much of an issue with the scenario myself, though admittedly I haven’t read it before and I’m pretty lenient on starting modules. The IED scene is pretty flavorful, have to hand it to Arc Dream.

    Also, I laughed way too hard at Shaun’s Keijo joke.

  4. I only have one question – why do you the villa ge Khali Ghata, when in the scenario is Khali Ghati? Or is Khali Ghata the proper pronunciation of this name?

  5. That is a pretty deadly/insanity inducing scenario to start a campaign(or mini-campaign) off. 😀

    It was a pretty good listen! So many chances to die or go insane. Gunfire is a huge danger in DG.

    Can’t wait to see Shaun’s agent next time. Hopefully he will get back a few SAN points by the next mission.

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