Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 3

Now linked by new super powers and a shared history, the Gate 9 team must figure out their place in the world. They are drawn to investigate an area near the Ural Sea that once had an Ideal facility. The sea is now empty but supernatural mysteries still abound. A floating and invisible tomb of an ancient sorcerer may hold resources the team needs. What still lurks within its walls?

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  1. Is cleopatra played by Lucille Ball?

  2. Gate 9 Hype! So much so I finally bought your book. Pretty good, going to try and organize a game. Though if you feel like clarifying a point. The equipment gift has an option for empowerment, but it says it requires four upgrades to go one tier over mundane. Meaning you need to take the gift twice, which costs two refresh, the same as just straight upgrading the skill without needing to worry about if you have the equipment with you or not.

    I might be overlooking something super obvious thought.

  3. the American Pharaoh is too good I can’t handle it

  4. Each campaign that comes along there’s always one character that in some way is the character that, in my opinion, is the best in the campaign. Know Evil, definitely Sairoc. New Arcadia was Ghost Robot, for Red Market it was Cutty. Better Angels was tied between the Caped Corvid or Honey Badger.

    While no slight is intended to the rest of the players, in this game the American Pharaoh just takes the cake. Wonderful character and almost wish that he never buy’s off the skills.

  5. Poor Aaron needs to bone up on getting fate points. Right now he’s mostly just letting Ross chump him: “I’ll give you a fate point if you take six stress.” He needs to listen to Bill more about taking fate points for his actions. I mean the whole system was kind of created to reward people for Aaroning.

    Also I love Rebirth Island and the doomsday device they’re going to hand off to these crazy people.

  6. Somehow I get the feeling that employing the victims of a covert xenocide as backup dancers is a bad idea.

    Especially when they were exterminatused by an organization that many people still idolize and the agency had no problem with their employees funding revenge schemes.

  7. Loved the vignette inside Trey’s head! I’m watching to see how long Caleb can come up with wacky things for American Pharaoh to say — skill points buy off counts, if he’s still going by then.

  8. @James, I’m trying out building characters using more equipment gifts right now.

    Short version is it’s a losing game to try and make things that boost tiers vs just snorting moon rocks or eating an enchanted pizza.

    From a numbers point, the other things you can do with equipment are a lot more bang for your buck, especially on the higher end of the tiers. It’s also a way to shore up a weakness or add a lot of punch to one skill.

    Last benefit is sharing, you can hand off your super pogo stick and anyone can have Leap at the superhuman tier.

  9. From far in the future, I’m skipping about in archives, binging campaigns. This is the point where I’ve decided I want to have Caleb’s metaphorical babies.

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