Eclipse Phase: The Manor (Redux)

A group of Firewall agents has been asked to investigate a hidden research facility deep in the Martian wastelands. What secrets lie buried beneath the soil? This is another run of the scenario I first ran for a different group of RPPR cast members. I thought it would be fun to explore how a different set of players would tackle the same story. If you like the idea, please let me know and we can record more alternate versions of the same adventure.

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  1. I think hearing a different version of the same adventure is very interesting and I would love to hear more.

  2. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I also like the idea of hearing multiple playthroughs of the same adventure.

    One of the things I like about running Delta Green games like “Last Things Last” and “Observer Effect” has been seeing the radically different responses of different groups. I think it’d be just as fun to hear with the RPPR cast.

  3. For those who enjoy hearing different groups playing the same scenario (particularly outside of a con setting), that has happened with some of Caleb’s No Security Cthulhu games. I especially recommend checking out different versions of the Fall Without End– there’s some really wild variation, and the scenario itself is really interesting anyway.

    It’s been played by Crit This:
    The Esoteric Order:
    and Drunk n Ugly:

  4. Same drink, different flavour. I look forward to alternate versions of the same adventure.

    Thank you RPPR!

    I remember the last adventure was a tutorial the first part with the main adventure the second part. This might run faster with players experienced in EP.

  5. Best part in the first 10 minutes. ‘Can I get back to San Francisco, I have things to do.’ So good and yet also horrifying.

    It really is worth replaying it.

  6. More SAIRACs! Yeah! It was fun getting back into the old EP rules. Can’t wait for (I hope) a new EP2.0 campaign…?

  7. The RPPR B-Sides archives have a bunch of recordings of Ross running the same scenario for various people at cons, as well as some early versions of scenarios that were later part of the main AP feed, etc. And there are a number of scenarios that have been run for both patrons and for the main RPPR crew. You could even be one of them if you were to pledge to the Patreon. Hint hint.

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