Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 26

The members of the Gate 9 crew only sought out superpowers to protect themselves from the government. Now, it has become so much more than that. They have fought monsters, the police, alien invaders, cults, and other base raiders. Their old lives are in shambles and each has nearly died more than once. Peace, they will never know. But in this campaign finale, they have a chance to find peace, reclaim their lives, and no longer face a life of constant battle and strife. Is it worth the price? Find out what they choose and how the world changes! Thanks for listening and please, buy my book.

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  1. alas Gate 9.

    I honestly thought Trey’d be in favor of not ever gaining powers, but he pretty much had comic book/RPG awareness that anything he did would just lead to more crap down the road.

    I honestly thought the Finale was going to be dealing with the Nope Dimension unleashed by Paraton.

    The best part of all of this was when chars got to talk to themselves, that was a lot of good fun there.

    Lastly, it seems the ‘affinity’ for each element was what you were NOT supposed to do, which makes sense given Logos.

    I figured Trey was Earth due to the mummies, and Ivan was Fire due to the Dragon’s Glare.

    I suppose Gate 9 decided to own up to their shit and not rewrite the world, and as such the team self destructed. Overall the slapdash approach of theirs never really united the group into a real team, which fits since the team’s nature was ultimately self-serving and utterly (one might say ruthlessly) pragmatic.

    Perhaps next time, actual heroes, lol.

  2. Gate 9!

    Well, to be fair if Jeff’s post scarcity bomb includes clean drinking water and such for the world he’s the greatest hero of modern times.

    I did love the various places being traps for each member. Warbot was a highlight of the whole mess.

    I like that the Gate 9 crew didn’t try to unwrite any of their choices. It’s still my favorite part of Base Raiders.

    I’m really going to miss getting a Base Raiders game every couple weeks.

    Thanks for a good long run.

  3. Gate 9!

    Yeah, I’m with the frog guy — I only had a dim idea of what it referred to, it was just fun to yell.

    Anyway — great campaign. Very nicely silly and weird. Occasionally poignant. Well borderline poignant anyway.

    I liked that the ending tied back to the beginning. And I liked that they chose to not un-happen it. Un-happening it is like a St. Elsewhere move, IMHO.

    Oh, also I like that the professor guy got to start over trying to be good over in Agata’s spin off comic. (So to speak.)

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