Base Raiders: Gate 9 – Episode 25

In order to finish their mission, the Gate 9 crew must take control of a base on the moon. Getting there won’t the problem. They have a teleporter after all. But who knows who has been left on the moon and what they’re up to?

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  1. To be honest I stopped listening to the Gate 9 Base Raiders from episode 13 once the Global Tier began.

    However, the fact that there’s going to be a full Base Raiders Campaign with at least 25+ Episodes is fantastic.

    I’m going to wait until the whole BR Campaign has finished then binge listen to it.

    Base Raiders universe is really a fantastic creation by Ross. I do really miss the video game superpower episode though where someone had the power of crates.

    Stare at a crate. Punch the crate. Summon a Gas Mask through the power of crates.

    Hooray Gate 9, I want to find out what happened to Kyrzyyk. The Frulk.

    Thanks from a UK listener.

  2. I really want to see art of a destitute Kurzik? Like barrel and all.

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