Delta Green: Bright Redoubt

A group of Delta Green agents have been dispatched to investigate a person who was flagged by an automated monitoring system. The target has an unusual medical history, one that apparently merits a look by the Program. Why has a brain scan worried the leadership of Delta Green? The answer lies in a remote cabin in the wilderness of Alaska.

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  1. So the first thing I had to do was check to see if there was a terrorist group called “MILF.”

    Was this going to be a Table Top Tales campaign?

    Nobody checked to see if professor Bearington was a bear or not.

  2. Ross, et al. I _LOVE_ the content you produce.
    Can you tag your recordings with the game its from?

    In the tags on this page I see…

    Tags: alaska bill jason melissa renee ross

    Can you add “Delta Green” (and then of course spend the tedious time to go re-tag all past DG games as well so its easy for me to find :))

    Thank you!

  3. Interesting two part adventure. Really requires a diverse set of skills to investigate this mystery thoroughly. I have got to give credit to the whole gang for being very tactical in the gun fight. As a listener it sounded like a mini episode of No Country for Old Men in Alaska. Love the reason why the cabin could not be burned to the ground. I like to see more Delta Green games where the nuclear option cannot be taken for a valid plot reason. It adds significantly to the tension.

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