Delta Green: Manhunt

A man arrested on burglary charges in a small town in Oregon escapes from jail after murdering a police officer. A group of Delta Green agents are already in town, investigating a string of disappearances that may be the work of a serial killer. The Group believes that they are connected and instruct the agents to join the manhunt for the missing fugitive. There is more at work here than the agents know.

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  1. the disbelieving comic stylings of Caleb are truly without peer

    and the special forces guy dead-eyedly asking for water weapons, too good

  2. Really enjoyed this, such a blast to listen to and I really hope Ross runs it again with a different crew over on the YouTube channel.

  3. One of the funnier and fun RPPR games I’ve heard!

    “What’s in the cove?”
    “Shouldn’t we check out the cove?”
    “No, we most certainly shouldn’t.”
    “I mean, we could come back during the day, all of us could come…”
    “I’d rather not.”

  4. As always, this was an excellent & extremely funny game. God that ending was just a Cluster f-*& HAHA.

    I like Calab as a GM, and always enjoyed his Games with their darker and almost no-win situation. I can’t deny that when Calab Goes PC, antics & blunt randomness comes full force.

    Also nice Call back in the Eairly part of the episode. to one of the most I would say “Interesting” Games. As always it seems picking on poor Aaron for his past Player logic never gets old, good to know his pyromaniac tendency are “evolving” evem if he’s not aware of it! haha.

    Anyways great game guys

  5. That was great! I was wondering why Ross was letting everybody weapon up.

    Although talked about a lot, there *aren’t* many scenarios where you go up against deep ones.

    Bad rolls caused one of the most amazing endings ever. KUDOS everyone!

  6. A pretty fuckn good listen. Loved the gold theft.

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