Delta Green: Cultural Resource Management

A Cultural Resource Management field archaeology team in eastern New Mexico has uncovered petroglyphs connected to a known cult (keywords CTHULHU, DAGON). The survey is being conducted after workers for Innskeep Energy discovered artifacts on the site. Preliminary research has indicated the site was connected to operation GRANITE ORION. Initial analysis of operation documents indicates that the site is in of itself dangerous and steps must be taken to prevent any development on it.

Agent ATHERTON works for the EPA and will take the lead for Operation UMBER FARM. We believe our best chance is to condemn the site as hazardous to human life to prevent future development. All artifacts connected to flagged keywords must be confiscated or destroyed. Civilians must not gain knowledge of the Group unless they are inducted as Friendlies. An office park in Santa Fe has been rented under a holding company Consolidated Synergy. Key cards, burner phones, and documentation for the company is being couriered to you now. Agent HOLDEN will meet all of you there in 48 hours to brief you in more detail. Make arrangements to take time off from current assignments for the next week. HOLDEN will act as your handler for this mission.

Listen to the original run of this scenario on the RPPR Youtube channel. Check out Noah’s podcasts, Role Playing Exchange and Maple Syrup, Blood Money. Literary Spite is not yet available.

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  1. “It’s my brother in the box”… πŸ˜€

    How do you get your hands on this scenario?

  2. Certainly turned out differently than the patreon game πŸ™‚ Just once I’d like to see someone make a deal with the starfish dude tho

  3. Drunk Ross is best Ross. He’s just so joyous.

  4. I had tons of fun listening to this scenario. Alcohol makes everything better. Also, I guess that explains why I never got that money back from Fuzzy Dan. He used it to travel to Miskatonic University and research Cthulhu.

  5. Niice organized chaos here
    (and it seems like a certain new addition 2 your group has actual skill with Persuasion and Fast Talk? Ohhh unconscious social engineering!)
    Still lovin Aaron’s laugh. That could be packaged and sold
    Ps. I think I’ve noticed that Tom doesn’t have his incredible dice luck anymore?

  6. STARFISH MAN was awesome. 10/10, will use in my home game.

  7. Aaron, I love how you manage to constantly play characters with a naive outlook, and that you constantly come up with best case scenarios for your ideas. Ignoring the worst case scenario, or even the average case scenario, but just assuming the best possible outcome is the most probable and what you’ll roll.

    Honestly it results in so many amazingly awesome stories that I’m inspired to try to play more characters in that vein because it forces everyone to scramble to somehow not screw everyone AND the story.

    It took me a couple times to get past the very early part of this game, but man oh man it really takes off by the time they’re talking to a file cabinet in a desert.

  8. What was Ross drinking? I think I need a bottle of that.

  9. Drunk Ross is kind of a dick! Oh, but the pure glee in his voice, though. So good.

    A couple troopers just happened to be in the remote area and responded in a minute or two? Lol.

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