Delta Green: Contingency

dg-contigencyA group of agents for the Program operating in the Northeast have been called up to a location in rural New York for a deniable op. No further orders have been given, so they wait, in the dark, in a car with false papers and their thoughts. When gunshots ring out at a nearby farm house, they realize the mission has just begun, but what exactly is the mission?

I later ran this scenario for Patreon backers. The game is on Youtube if you want to hear how differently it went down.

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  1. Yippee ki-yay, more DG! Thanks RPPR.

  2. This was a really neat scenario.

    I love the initial setup that the agents are out there with absolutely no idea what’s going on and aaron ends up being the sensible one. Seriously though Aaron, PLEASE take lie/persuade. You do it every game!

  3. That ended pretty differently compared to the Patreon game :p

  4. All right, we’ll count that one as a win! Good job team, good effort, good hustle. You’re all fired.

  5. Ross to A-Aron: “Do you want him to die, or do you want him to live?”

    Horrible monster.

  6. So with this just after the episode on branding, was Ross trying to keep Aaron playing to type?

    Also, I kind of only want this scenario to be run on agents who aren’t skilled in doing what needs doing.

  7. N-Cell(Nerd) did pretty ok? I guess?

    Aaron: I’m going to go home and roleplay having a relationship with my spouse. 😀 It’s not about playing a character and saying that running away is what they would do when faced with the unnatural- you should find a way to *fight* the unnatural to protect those that you love!

    Mythos Bourne was an interesting idea.

  8. Kept thinking it was one of my cats carrying on while listening at the beginning.

  9. “Roll to see how many more years your marriage lasts.” was the line of the game for me. So Delta Green.

    I wish picturing a mythos Punisher more than Bourne but the end effect is similar. I really enjoyed this scenario and agree that it played wonderfully with the unprepared PCs.

  10. Delta Green amateur hour may be one of the funniest things ever. Kudos to all the players for playing their confused, incompetent, but well-meaning characters to the hilt.

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