A Dirty World: Cottonwood – Part 1

cottonwood1Join Ross, Caleb, and Tom as they play Texas Rangers called to the tiny town of Page, Texas. When one of their own is killed, these Rangers will stop at nothing to tear out the gnarled, diseased roots of corruption that are crushing this township and its surrounding county, but how deep do those roots run? It’s A Dirty World (RPG), and things are about to get uglier.

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  1. Listening to this while sitting in a cafe in Austin. Hipsters everywhere, so, five minutes into the recording and I’m sold. Totes legit.

  2. Caleb complains about backward technology. That’s a new square on the RPPR Bingo card.

  3. Damn, Sean runs a mean Dirty World game. You guys should make him GM more often.

  4. I wonder how excited Caleb was when he got to say “I’m murder police”.

  5. This is some awesome Season 1 True Detective goodness going on here, I cant wait for Part 2!

  6. A Dirty World is the very best
    drug-addled prisoner was 3spooky
    I love the mundanity of the evil in this setting, definitely ordinary people doing bad things which seems appropriate to the cultural moment
    I’m amazed there’s still enough for another episode and excited for the conclusion!

  7. I’m very keen for part 2. The world needs more police procedural APs.

  8. When will we ever learn about what happened in the lost Dog Punching AP? This has been haunting me for years.

  9. It’s been so long since we’ve gotten Full-On Mastermind Caleb, and I’ve missed it so. Truly excellent stuff, and Shaun’s done great with his mystery. Can’t wait for the next part, guys!

  10. I’ll have to say I appreciated the reference to Wild Cards. Did not expect that

  11. Excellent game. I’m enjoying the mystery and the rather traditional investigation.

    You ran it really well, Shaun. By the way, was your portrayal of Brujo based on Charlie Lange in true detective? In any case, I really dug it.

  12. More Dirty World is always solid. Shaun, you have a bottomless knowledge of civil servant jobs and local government. It was a lot of fun to hear both Ross and Caleb playing A Dirty World, and Tom’s bizarre set of failures early on.

    Very cool setting – I’ve never been to Texas, but the game did a lot to work in interesting local elements.

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