Delta Green: Sweetness

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Two kids, a nice house, and a Shadowman; the American dream. Ever since someone carved a symbol in the Bernier’s door, strange things have been happening. The mark drew in the conspiracy — a symbol for a creature worshiped in antiquity by a mystery cult. Working Group Icarus has been assigned to investigate the symbol  — but who has drawn it, and for what purpose? And what’s loose in the house, going bump in the night?

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  1. bit Mask of the Otherish. this was one of the few Patreon games I’d listened to and these guys missed out now having the feral encounter with the shadow creature.

  2. Good god the number of terrible rolls in this game is incredible. Crit fail this, regular fail that, alcoholism everywhere.

  3. I confess I am struggling to keep track of the characters (given all the fatalities) between episodes, other than Agent Zivchenko of course. One thing I really love about DG is how the characters crumble across missions and collapse/fracture even if they survive their encounters with gas canisters or eldritch horrors. It may be just because I am new to RPPR but I really struggle to keep track of who is who, particularly when they get fragged.

    Any chance of throwing the agent’s names into the ep descriptions going forward? Like – “Special Agent Zivchenko – Shaun”.

    Interestingly I don’t think anyone has actually been directly killed by a supernatural entity yet…

  4. Really liked it! Can’t wait for more Delta Green. But the groups still feels very rushed and stressed.

  5. The RPPR gang breaking probability with CRIT fails never gets old. The only problem is that they aren’t living up to the taskforce name, they aren’t even close to the sun, it’s more fall off the cliff and plummet straight down kind of deal.

  6. Partway through- I will forgive Shaun his war-on-Chads comments because of his Twin Peaks comments.

  7. I love listening to Shaun drive poor agent off that cliff. Also I like Ross making Aaron choose things instead of rolling randomly.

  8. My dad is from Lubbock. You’ve just lost a listener! Good. Day. Sirs.

  9. Still unsure what the difference is between cowboy Delta and the new program Delta as the Delta Green still seems just as awkward as it was during the cowboy years yet it no longer has the excuse of being an illegal conspiracy.

  10. Author

    Mark: I am winging it when it comes to the differences between the cowboy group and the Program. When the full DG RPG comes out this year, it will have more information on how to run games differently for each version of DG and I will use that.

  11. That was an interesting one. The team came about a hair’s breadth away from getting thrown in jail and losing the scenario completely. Great fidelity to character from Shawn. Great responses by the others, Dan especially.

    And the final reveal about the monster’s purpose was a nice piece of Detwillerian sadness.

  12. Nice rolls, ass. Yer mom make em for ya?

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