Base Raiders: Sparkle’s Big Prison Break Adventure

The government doesn’t know what to do with all the extradimensional beings, space aliens, and other non-humans running around. They’ve captured quite a few and locked them up in a massive prison. Fortunately, they have a potential savior, Sparkles the Unicorn. Of course, trusting Sparkles can be dangerous in of itself. A hapless group of prisoners is about to find out what happens when they join Sparkles for an adventure…

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  1. I like to think the angel was the same one that Jason had in The Heroes of New Arcadia. Just a little less self-assured, s’all.

  2. Gate 9?

    Sparkles is the best secret agent. I love listening to him just rain powers down on everyone. Like a Swiss army knife for minions.

  3. I appreciate Thad’s imitation of 90’s cartoon Joker. Who is Caleb referencing with the “special guest” talk?

    This episode is as majestic as Sparkles

  4. Man Sparkles really is a dick.

    “You! You now have the power to see all the things!”
    “What’s the catch?”
    “Your eyes burn.”

    Literally Satan. I finally understand why Professor White hates him.

  5. @TwistingH I think it’s a reference to Convention terminology and lingo, as in a Special Guest at GenCon and such. Since his character’s original home in the Zombie Dimension was based in a convention centre? or thats where the survivors lived and their society was Lord of the Flies: GenCon?

  6. okay so I haven’t finished this, but Thad’s still hilarious.

    mild spoiler

    “Who do you want to be Sparkle’s parents?”

    “Both of them are Cool Rat in wigs.”

    The Cool Rats begin to immediately malfunction,

    “Rolling Intimidate!”

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

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