Magical Fury: City A

In the Not-Japan-but-still-totally-Japanese City A, a group of young girls will gain tremendous magical power, but for what reason? More importantly, can these adolescents wield such power wisely or will they cause more damage than they prevent? I ran a one shot of this anime-inspired RPG for Aaron, Heather, and Bill to find out.

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  1. what? What? Still going to listen to it though RPPR. Not really expecting it though…Japanese girls with super powers. Ok..

  2. This was fun. I look forward to the Elemental Sabres games.

  3. That’ll teach Aaron to mouth off to the dice cup.

    Also “Mount Nationalism” is the best mountain.

    I liked it, the system is simple enough to get right out of the way and let the players be goofy.

  4. More thoughts, let’s all applaud Ross’s restraint in not immediately throwing them against “Sailor Carcosa.”

    @Crazon I too look forward to that.

  5. Ross’ pronunciation pains me

  6. I’m so happy this was made. I’m just bursting with joy.

  7. Things I didn’t know I wanted till I had it = this.

  8. 8-bit magical girl? Clearly Aaron should have been Sailor Saturn.

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