Upwind: The Three Beasts – Alloy

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Synopsis: The second Beast, Alloy, is a massive flying war machine capable of destroying any fleet in battle. In order to fight it, the Explorer Knights must unite three powerful kingdoms into a military alliance. Each kingdom has its own unique problems which must be resolved before they will agree to an alliance. From solving economic bubbles to strategic marriages, the knights are willing to do what it takes to stop Alloy. But, even with their combined might, do they stand a chance against the ancient fortress?

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  1. This was fascinating and highly entertaining to listen to. Great stuff! Thank you very much.

  2. These APs have been fantastic marketing for the RPG. I and a few friends were on the fence about Upwind, until I listened to the recordings, and then I went all-in. Then I made my friends listen, and THEY went all-in….

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