Upwind: The Three Beasts – Prologue

rppr-banner-5Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Biohazard Games. Back the Upwind Kickstarter so the Three Beasts campaign can become a campaign supplement for Upwind!

Synopsis: A group of brave Explorer Knights stationed at Outpost Stalwart are tasked with investigating a crashed ship in the Twilight Frontier. They find a blind prophet who warns them of an impending doom – Three Great Beasts shall destroy the Kingdoms of the Light unless they are stopped. The heroes sail farther into the Twilight Frontier to find an ancient fortress that may contain clues to stopping the Beasts. They aren’t alone though.

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  1. Listen to Ross and crew turn the Upwind setting up to 11…

  2. I really like the Upwind setting. Yes for floating islands and flying ships. Yes for Q system.

    Thanks Jeff and RPPR for a great AP!

  3. I’m enjoying the Q system, I’d be curious to hear if or how player advancement works. I’m going to go check out the kickstarter!

  4. Some of those names Shaun proposed sound like Culture warship names. (Iain Banks book series).

  5. Hey Steven,

    The short explanation of character advancement is that every time you make a play (succeed or fail) with an attribute you mark a pip on the character sheet. When you reach pips = to 3x the rating of that attribute (which can range from 1-3) you get to bump that score up by +1 and edit the phrase describing that attribute. You max out at 3 but you can continue to edit every time you hit 9 pips.

    Once you make 3 default plays (yes, there is a default rule Caleb!) of any kind (success or failure) you can add a new attribute at 1, which can then be advanced normally.

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