Trail of Cthulhu: Uku Pacha

After the discovery of Machu Picchu, other explorers and archeologists searched for other Inca ruins. A confession of a Spanish occultist who died during the Inquisition is discovered in a library’s archives in the 1930s. It mentions a hidden tomb high up in the Peruvian mountains. Soon, an expedition is formed to look for the hidden tomb but they will find more than treasure buried inside.

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  1. A fun listen and a internet cookie for Tom for his awesome pilot but a bit too much metagaming in parts.

  2. THE YEAR THAT WE FINALLY IMMANENTIZED THE ESCHATON. I SEE YOU, ILLUMINATUS, AND I LOVE IT. it is impossible to get people to read those books

  3. oh my goddd Bill Bryson talks about that expedition in In a Sunburned Country
    it’d be tragic if not for, you know, colonialism and they all deserved to die anyway
    so it’s kinda darkly hysterical instead

  4. @sevrl bats

    It’s slightly less of a tragedy when you learn that the main reason that Burke was but in charge of the expedition was that he had “a very impressive mustache” . That expedition could be a Fiasco game.

  5. I have just about reached the point in my RPPR experience that when I hear Aaron mention ‘explosives’ I think “Oh boy…”

  6. @Will yes, it’s come up in a couple other games. I keep thinking of that quote from the Unspeakable! Podcast where they point out that “25% Explosives Use kills a lot more characters than 0% Explosives Use..”

    “What if he just died?” after shooting at the centuries old priest was the best line of the game.

    It ended up as a very silly game with a fun concept. Being able to talk to the monsters/cultists makes for an interesting Cthulhu game, for sure.

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