Red Markets: Black Death at Origins 2019

In Medieval Europe, the Black Death has taken countless lives. Some of its victims have arisen as the restless undead, killing any who fall in their grasp. The survivors huddle together in walled fortresses and towns, trying to eke a living. Some of the hardier survivors take mercenary work, no matter how dangerous it is. One such team has agreed to retrieve a spice chest from an abandoned fortress. What price will they pay to complete their mission?

This game was run by Ethan Cordray of Technical Difficulties podcast, using his beta version of Red Markets Black Death, a medieval hack of Red Markets.

Cast: Ross, Birk, Adam T (from RPX), and Greg B.

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  1. Sweet I’m glad to see that this hack is coming to fruition

  2. I’m excited to see what all the RPPR listeners think of this one! I’d love to hear your feedback! You can comment here, over on <a href=, or on the input thread on the Lifelines forums: <a href=

  3. This was pretty interesting to listen to. I think the one issue I noticed was the hack has trouble keeping to the “1 roll and then spend” rule, because it was harder to contact people. Maybe explore the vassal rules or have the party have a little baggage train style group of helpers, or something I’m not thinking of.

    Essentially out in the field the lack of being able to use contacts makes it lose a bit of the red markets feel.

  4. Really interesting concept and I think the historical limitations imposed by the time period would make for some cool roleplaying opportunities. So cool Beta with a few things to iron out the session had an example of one (The Spear discussion) and ZypherIM brings up some interesting points as well, looking forward to more.

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