Dungeons and Dragons 5E: The Sea Demon’s Gold

A group of three adventurers are on a storm-wracked ship, seeking the island of a long-forgotten, abandoned temple to the Sea Demon. An extinct people sacrificed wealth and their own criminals and rulers at the temple to quell the demon’s wrath. Untold treasure is said to just be lying there. Are the heroes bold or ruthless enough to claim it?

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  1. Is this the one where the rat poops out the key? I read your Twitter lol

  2. Author

    No, that was inspired by a game that I haven’t uploaded yet. However, it has happened in other games.

  3. This was fun! It was weird for me to hear Ross struggling with the rules a bit, then I realized that 5th ed and maybe D6 Star Wars are the only games that I’ve run more than he has, and I went back to enjoying it. David was in his element as a piratical bard. Good stuff!

  4. @Victor Badger
    Thank you! I had been away from the table for a bit here, and I felt like jumping in to a playtest was a chance to get back on the horse. Upon finding out what the scenario entailed, it was more a case of stepping *over* the Shetland pony and sitting down.

    Decidedly fun scenario, and I heartily recommend it. It is my understanding that it is one of several, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to try the next one.

  5. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing. How did it go?

  6. The adventure went well! I let the players use creative problem solving for some of the problems so they skipped some of the optional encounters.

  7. I usually sneer at D&D, but I got whisked into a Conan mood round when this hit early access and imagined the action in a 70s fantasy film grain and special effects style, and it worked for me!

  8. Well this was a fun little romp and adventure

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