Delta Green: The Palimpsest

A team of Delta Green agents are activated to surveil a house in a quiet suburban neighborhood. After several days of waiting and watching, nothing happens at the house, but the real mystery begins for the agents. Why is their handler acting so oddly? What does the leadership of Delta Green know about their mission? As the agents investigate their own organization, they find a terrible truth beyond their comprehension…

This scenario uses a map available to patrons of the RPPR Patreon. View the Suburban Anomaly map here!

Aaron as Fred Jacobs, FBI
Max as Dr. Charles Rampling LOC
Baz as James William “Brick”

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  1. there’s been three or four DG games set in sleepy little towns that you’ve done. I could see them compiled into an adventure book “Delta Green: SubURGEia” or something πŸ˜€

  2. Get paid!

  3. I’m confused about what actually *caused* the… “event”?

  4. Author


    Three separate Delta Green teams in 3 separate timelines encountered Yog-Sothoth at the same instant during different missions. All three timelines merged as a result of them failing to stop Yog-Sothoth from being summoned.

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