Delta Green: Eldritch America – Uktena

An oil drilling site has shut down after excavation work revealed a cave with indigenous archeological significance. Mysterious statues of unknown origin puzzled local archeologists. Delta Green wants the site investigated, so a team of agents heads in to find out if the dig site poses a threat. Some things are better left buried deep in the earth…

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Andrew “Baz” Baswell as the GM
Caleb as Agent Dathan Wood
Noah as Vicky Castonguay
Max as Terry Kremenski
Aaron as Alyssa Carpenter
Ross as Agent Ann Arendt

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  1. I began questioning my sanity after clicking ”Continue reading” few times.

  2. Holy shit, what a masterful clusterfuck that turned into.

  3. This was awesome, a great adventure that was well run and played. Andrew has written a cool adventure with a new twist on the Mythos which has just enough information provided to give it a believable backstory without it drowning in too many details. If I’m being super picky I’m still not a fan of players comparing skill levels so it was great when Caleb still decided to operate the Front loader truck. Looking forward to more from an Eldritch America.

  4. I’m hyped for this and that is on multiple levels we got an all star cast which is a great place to start.

  5. I don’t really like when they go psycho killer evil guys on innocent people. Makes it hard to care how they do anything.

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