Delta Green: The Last Flight of the Slim Crow

The flight crew of the Slim Crow, a B25 bomber, embark on a secret mission in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. They will encounter a new threat unlike any they have ever seen.

In other news, I can no longer trust Noah.

Caleb – Chip Dalton – pilot
Ross – Jack Tanaka – radio/gunner
Birk – Bradly Westbrook – navigator
Maddy – Peter Kowalski – rear gunner
Aaron – William Keyes engineer
Noah as the GM

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  1. Aaron playing an engineer??? :O

  2. Got ’em, Noah! GJ!

    Man, the dice bot was indeed out for blood this scenario.

  3. Noah you are the hero we need.

    Have you thought about running the Alien game?

    Somehow I feel that might suit your special gm style 😛

  4. Well played.
    /finger guns

  5. Is there a shotgun scenario on this?

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