Delta Green: Sanguine Thorn – Part 1

A body has been found in the water in Heather Creek, Alaska. by morning kayakers. The body has been ID’d as Abiba Al-Hawaryat, a member of Boko Haram. He’s a CIA asset that was last seen in the Sahel region of North Africa, mere hours before his decayed body was reported as washed up in an Alaskan tourist town. . A team of agents travels to northwestern Alaska to determine how the man came to die there and who was responsible.

This is a preview of Caleb’s upcoming Patreon, Dead Channels. It goes live at the end of May.

Ross as Larry Jantzen, FBI agent
Max as Hank Crenshaw, Army Ranger
Baz as Myrai Mantz, Department of Wildlife
Noah as Glenn Nesbit, Park Ranger
Caleb as the GM

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  1. I’m on board, can’t wait for the launch!

    Caleb, will we see write-ups of the scenarios besides the APs? Or do Shane and Dennis have plans to publish the scenarios appearing on Dead Channels?

  2. Not sure what any of you are talking about.

  3. Dennis and Shane have given me pretty much free reign with DG in the APs for Dead Channels. If something gets popular and people like it, we can publish it later so long as Arc Dream is interested.

    Otherwise, I just outline whatever is in my head at the moment, gather some players, and run a game. We’re letting everything that might come after that grow organically based on what people like.

  4. Your DG scenarios have always been my favorite on RPPR.

  5. Really interesting build-up through the episode and a fun range of characters. Really intrigued to hear where it’s going, and will absolutely throw some cash ad DC when it launches.

  6. Can’t wait to hear more Dead Channels. Interested to see where ST goes. Surprise at the end!

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