Delta Green: Eldritch America – Spearfinger

In Wildwood Tennessee, an outbreak of a mysterious illness resulted in rapid onset symptoms resembling hepatitis. All infections were fatal. Six children and two adults have died. The two adults belonged to a research team from the University of Tennessee. They all participated in a local community picnic celebrating the recent discovery of Native American ruins believed to be of Cherokee origin by the team of researchers. The connection may be coincidental, but a team of Delta Green agents heads into the small town to get some answers.

Ross as Agent Alina Dray
Noah as Saul Cool
Max as Devin Horta
Caleb as Daniel Stanley
Birk as Colt McLaren
Baz as the GM

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  1. I really liked this episode and thought Baz did a great job DMing. Are there more Eldritch America in the works?

    Also Ross you forgot to upload episode 4 of The Blind Eyes last week.

  2. Hey there Croaker! Yes, there are more in the works.

  3. So, as a multiple liver transplant recipient, this is easily among my favorite DG episodes.

  4. I really liked this one, too. The medical research element was personally satisfying, the sidelong digs at “my grandmother was a Cherokee princess” cosplaying was a literal LOL for me, and most of all I really, really appreciated the relative emphasis on mystery-solving over obstacle-removal. It’s one of the rare DG/COC LPs I’ve heard that felt like an investigation, not a video game.

  5. Well this was an interesting one not much more that I can say on it.

  6. Honestly, Caleb Obsession throughout this whole Thing I found to be the most hilarious.

  7. Stopped at Caleb’s dumb joke about being shot for wearing a hazmat suit. Literally nobody in America has been assaulted for wearing PPE. Is this the fearful lens of how liberals view the world?

  8. Cameron’s screed has aged badly.

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