Eclipse Phase: Mediation on Iapetus

Iapetus is overrun by Exsurgents and discarded TITAN machinery. Firewall maintains a base to destroy Exsurgents and stop TITAN artifact smugglers. Unfortunately, the base, codenamed CARIBOUS ABYSS, has broken down into bickering factions. A team of agents has been sent into mediate between the two factions and resolve their dispute over disarming a TITAN artifact that could potentially restart the Fall.

Aaron as Ellis the Scum Techie
Tom as Tobias the octomorph uplift hitman
Birk as Qi the barsoomian hacktivist
Bill as Chi the mindhacker


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  1. Not an Eclipse Phase fan, but downloading it immediately, because of the project’s codename. It’s too seasonal to let pass! Bring on the rangiferomorphs…

  2. This takes me back to to the RPPR EP Campaign and the Spa…

    Love new RPPR Eclipse Phase…and Tom as an Ocotomorph….hmm..and Aaron is a scum swarm techie.

    Thank you kindly. Great fun to listen to.

    Hope Delta fork of a Delta fork of a Titan copy doesn’t appear…and will look at Patreon.

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