Call of Cthulhu: Bereavement

Content Warning: Reference to real-world tragedies in this scenario
From the Author: During quarantine, I was thinking a lot about the nature of grief, specifically how it diffuses when shared, how it spreads out and thins across distance and time. There is no mention of Covid-19 in the scenario, but this is my personal attempt at processing the shared grief of the ongoing pandemic.

Synopsis: A therapy group meets every week in the basement of a local church. When a freak winter storm isolates them, they realize one member has gone too far to overcome their grief. Can they survive the storm and the horror beyond comprehension?

Ross as Iris
Maddy as Lindsey
Holly as Ruth
Baz as Jim
Birk as Adrian
Caleb as the GM

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  1. Just finished listening to this on Early Access (support the Patreon!).

    Oh my gosh, it’s been too long since we got a hit of that pure, uncut Stokesian concept horror. Fantastic.

  2. Oh man, this sounds delicious. Unrelated: sometimes I listen to old RPPR APs when I’m falling asleep (Divine Fire, Lover in the Ice, and Bryson Springs, and some of the Delta Green are all in my repeats) but last night I went back to Candle Cove and alternated between nightmares and panic attacks, which I hated at the time but appreciate in the now. So thanks for the scares!

  3. As long as you appreciate them now! We have a lot more horror games planned for the near future, including a monster of the week game and more historical CoC scenarios

  4. Dude same Christopher the same it is a lot of fun to listen to old RPPR its amazingly fun and this sounds wonderful as a concept for horror ideas.

  5. I’ll try to make my comment as spoiler free as possible. But honestly Caleb this is really awesome!

    #1 I love the concept and thought you put behind this one, I’m also a pretty big fan of the entity you used. I really like how in this one it seemed to evolved its tricks from the last time you used it.
    Just like how people in real life what eventually evolved their techniques

    #2 I think it would be awesome to run a Delta green game where they faced off against this entity. And would be interested in seeing how that played out.

    After all some people use Dynamite as their technique, so maybe the entity would Advance its tricks even more against the Delta green agent’s

    #3 I really wish Aaron was playing with you guys, I would have loved to see his reaction to what’s going on maybe the fire alarm would go off for real reasons HAHA

  6. Thanks for this! It’s been waiting for some more Caleb concept horror, and it’s always amazing.

  7. This is a good one. It’s something that could be sold. All you need is a writeup of the PCs, a map and the Venn-Diagram / Monster stats.

    Would make a good con game.

  8. Sheldon Baker you sandbagging son of a bitch!

  9. Agree with Fridrik- would love to see this thing available for buying.

    Return of the Fishers-of-men! As Carcosa Hound above said, it looks like they are starting to understand their prey a little more, and evolved their bait!

  10. **Out of context spoilers**

    So an adventure written to deal with helplessness and grief in the face of real-world tragedies that I had to stop listening to initially for personal reasons turns into a black comedy with Biggie Smalls chasing a bunch of old white people down a hallway and the words “Baby Jessica gets domed” being brought into existence. I love you guys.

  11. Missed opportunity to put Steve Irwin in a COC game, but still great.

  12. Knocked it out of the park again, great Players and Keeper the players had fun but it didn’t take away from the horror and madness that was taking place in-game. Caleb always adds something new and terrifying to the universe of Cthulhu. I’m also super glad that he is involved with R.P.P.R as otherwise, I suspect he would be a Machiavellian villain moving his pawns into place in a complicated plan to rule the world. 🙂

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