Delta Green: Sanguine Thorn – Part 2

A botched Delta Green operation turns deadly. The agents must survive the attack and then the truly dangerous part of the mission begins. They know that the source of evil is further in the wilderness. They must find and confront it. Can they survive the inhuman entity at the heart of the cult? Find out in the conclusion of Sanguine Thorn!

Ross as Larry Jantzen, FBI agent
Max as Hank Crenshaw, Army Ranger
Baz as Myrai Mantz, Department of Wildlife
Noah as Glenn Nesbit, Park Ranger
Jason as James Sutherland, Alaska State Trooper
Caleb as the GM

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  1. I enjoyed this a lot (esp. the intro indiginous folx music)
    And I never imagined Woke horror could be this successful. Good job 🙂

    Something that drinks white supremacists is something I never would’ve guessed someone creating.

    Good luck on your venture in Canadastan — the walls are alive with poutine and curling rocks made of anciens whispering stones…

  2. What is the intro/outro track? It’s haunting and I’d like to hear the whole thing.

  3. This was amazing from using the setup of Climate Change to represent a direct change in the world and its impact on the magic and divination.
    Climate Change being its own terror.
    The creepy picturesque town that is just their for people to take photos and claim they have done X or Y. And know such towns exist creating a backdrop for other regions of the world to take inspiration from this
    To the little things of the shock of it how none of the party put 2 and 2 together with the SAW was terrifying.
    IT added in this palpable dread coursing through previous and future interactions.

  4. I never got the vibe that it was after white supremacists, just that battles were its choice feasting area

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