Delta Green: The Contractors

Inside a house in a quiet suburban neighborhood is a machine. Inside the machine is a monster. If the machine loses power, the monster gets out. The man who owns the machine needs the house repaired and the power on. Three contractors walk into the house in the quiet neighborhood. Insects start to crawl inside. Everything will be fine. Won’t it?

This scenario is my 2020 Delta Green Shotgun Scenario contest entry. Read the full write up here.

Baz as David Willis, an electrician
Aaron as Carson Caldwell, a plumber
Birk as Chaz Umbridge an exterminator

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  1. That looks like a Gregory Crewdson image — his stuff has always made me think of Twin Peaks/X-Files/Delta Green material.

  2. Ross plays one game with Pretending to be People and they change his maturity forever.

  3. I always love getting to see you inflict your shotgun scenarios on players, Ross, and this is no exception.

  4. “Want a beer?”
    “No. If you’ve been drinking, stop. You need to be as sober as possible.”
    “Well, as sober as possible isn’t very much.”

    Killed me. Great scenario.

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