Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors

The map we used for the game.
The map we used for the game.

The town of INCHWICK holds a deadly secret. In its dark woods, in its maze-like streets, in the depths of the old coal-mine, nefarious rituals are carried out for the veneration of a terrible, unseen master. A group of survivors have stumbled across their secret. Now they are coming and the only refuge is an abandoned cabin in the forest. The survivors just have to make it to dawn, but what unseen horror is coming for them?

This is a new horror RPG I picked up on We gave it a try, so enjoy! We ran through it twice and put it together for this actual play.

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  1. That map looks like a really weird RC circuit. Wonder what it does.

  2. It was lucky how the second game worked so well as a sequel to the first one.

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