Heart the City Beneath: Gallow Glass featuring Grant Howitt

Beneath the city of Spire lies the Heart, an underground nightmare of flesh and fear. No one knows what the Heart is, but strange wonders and treasures can be found in its halls. Delvers, driven by their own obsessions, explore the Heart for these treasures. Three such adventurers take on a job to escort a librarian to a distant haven, only to find a butcher and a cult of knives in their way…

Caleb as Adarax the high elf deadwalker
Baz as Rigel the gnoll cleaver
Ross as Dolwyn the human deep apiarist

Special thanks to one of Heart’s designers, Grant Howitt for running this game for us. If Heart interests you, check out the official website to learn more about the game.

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  1. Before I listen to anymore of this I’m just wondering if the session zero ever did get posted anywhere? Feels like something I’d want to listen to before listening to this if so!

  2. Author

    I did record it but I haven’t had time to edit it. I’ll try to upload it somewhere (maybe the patreon) soonish.

  3. There are variations of hive tool, but most are 8-9 inches long. Typically, they’re a bar with a scraper blade on one end, useful for scraping wax off frames of honeycomb or the boxes (“supers”) that contain them; and a blunt J-hook on the other end, useful for prying apart the supers that are stacked to make a beehive.

    If you’re at all curious about bees or beekeeping or honey, your local extension office or beekeeper club will have someone more than happy to show you the ropes. Beekeeping tends to show up in the the most random places in fiction.

    And beekeeping seems such a natural fit for horror. I could easily see a beekeeping club as a front for a cult. And that’s just the people. You don’t even need any weirdness with the bees. Throw in bee shenanigans, and the sky’s the limit.

  4. Author

    That’s a good point Jonathan! I’ll be sure to add more bees to my horror games 😀

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