Dungeon Crawl Classic: Storming of the Burger Bastille

A group of peasants cannot stand the evil tyrant Wendy and her brutal regime. The final fry was the arrest of the people’s hero, Hamburglar. They need to gather allies like the Five Guys and resources like the money from the Panera bread bank if they hope to defeat her castle guard. Before that, they have to break through the clown cordon. It’s going to be a delicious revolution!

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  1. On a scale of tom to ross, how drunk were you?

  2. not too much? I think running games in-person was still a bit overwhelming at the time because I had only run one before this since the pandemic began

  3. Always love the DCC stuff. Thanks guys!

  4. This was excellent! DCC is always good for laughs but the fast food theme had me smiling the whole time.

  5. that was an entertaining listen!

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