Heart The City Beneath: Descending Derelictus – Episode 1

A group of delvers has set up in Derelictus, a city built over the Heart, a massive extra-dimensional dungeon. The delvers live in the Halfway House, a building teetering on the edge of a ravine, and each has their own goals for risking life, limb, and soul to explore the Heart. They need hard coin to survive though and that means jobs. Their first job is to find a giant crab in the Sump Station, but first they have to find the station. The journey begins!

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Aaron as Garanhon Pearce, a Vermissian knight
Tom as Rakk, a gnoll cleaver
Thad as Outis Phyz human junk mage
David as Valanthe drow witch

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  1. I feel so bad for Aaron! Scavenging parts mid-fight to use his Vermissian Plate was a really smart move, but sometimes the dice just spit out those cold, hard 1s.

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