Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes – Episode 1

A new crew of smugglers takes on their first job in Duskvol. They call themselves the Blind Eyes and specialize in the weird and the occult. With a small hidden lair under the docks and a boat, they are ready to take on the world. They are:

Baz – Salty / Oberon Matias Declarmont the Spider
Birk – Audra the Whisper
Aaron – Salvage the Leech
Caleb – Flake the Cutter
Bill – Vimes/Seth the Slide
Ross as the GM

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  1. I heard mention of a campaign, glad to see I didn’t miss it somehow

  2. Woo! Exciting! I’m looking forward to this. Love the plan at the end. Seems like a great system too. Will be interesting to see how the characters grow throughout.

  3. Very excited for this!

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