Over Arms: Yog-Sothoth’s Pact

In the sleepy town of Arkham, an evil sorcerer performs a ritual to gain power. Three random citizens will find themselves imbued with power, but also made targets of the sorcerer. Can the three survive assassins, curses, and worse?

Tom as Martin Crawford
Aaron as Persephone (HBO//1986//INTRO) Hartwell
Baz as Takumi Fujiwara

Over Arms is a new fantasy RPG inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Persona, and stories about characters who have mystical bound companions – Stands, Persona, etc. Find out how the system runs in this one shot!

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  1. Well do I continue the Know Evil campaign, or take a break to listen to this. Hmmmm

  2. This was great! Hope you do some more of this system, feel like you guys could have some fun shenanigans with different !Stands. Also, it seems the pcs weren’t thinking with portals in that final battle.

  3. A 1986 Toyota what?

  4. 1986 Toyota AE 86 Trueno.

  5. Technically it should be a 1983 Toyota AE86 Trueno, but yeah. It’s a beautiful car from the greatest anime ever made.

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