Dungeon Crawl Classics: Tremors and Dragons

In a world of magic, dragons, and adventurers, a simple village finds itself at the frontline. An errant wish made by a fool unleashes a new monster never seen before in this world. Can the surviving villagers find a way to defeat the graboids or will they all be dragged under the earth? (Graboids are the monsters from the Tremors film series, if you aren’t aware.)

Birk, Baz, Aaron, and Tom as various villagers. View the stats of each peasant squad by clicking on the player’s name.
Ross as the GM.

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  1. Love the RPPR take for DCC.

    Alternative name of the Four Jonkos?

    You too can reach the amazing heights of lvl 1.

    Really funny AP. Thanks Ross. Now to look up the Tremor films..

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