Ashen Stars: Abundance – Episode 7

A villain has plotted to use an ancient artifact to gain control over a swarm of dangerous aliens. In order to do this, the villain has endangered the life of everyone on Abundance 5 and the crew of the Holiday will try to stop him, at any cost.

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  1. They found a Base Raider in there.

    Wait, this is the end of the game? Like four episodes of the Holiday and that’s it?

  2. Author

    Yeah, this was a short campaign, split between two groups. There is one more episode for the Silverhawks. I wanted to do a multi-group campaign for a while but I have learned that longer campaigns tend to lose listeners (fewer comments, fewer downloads), so we will probably not do as many in the future.

  3. Just to add a vote but I love the long campaigns. To be fair, some of them are my jam, Base Raiders, Night’s Black Agents, and Red Markets, and some are things I like or didn’t realize I liked like Iron Heroes. But I like the long form where characters stick around for a while.

  4. I love Red Markets, NBA and most of Gate 9 (lost me a little bit towards the very end). God’s Teeth is sublime. But I see the point for sure, I couldn’t get into Iron Heroes and took me a couple of runs at Sense of Sleight of Hand Man. I think 8 parts is a good number for a campaign.

  5. I think the link is busted. I have tried to download it 5 times or so,to no avail. Could you reupload the recording?

  6. Author

    The link works for me. Have you tried another computer or device or Internet connection?

  7. I love the difference in tone between the ways you and Caleb do naive supercomputers.

    “Yes, My Lords, I will do as you ask” *cue everyone freaking out*


    “I enjoy this?” “Yes you enjoy that” “YES I DO ENJOY THIS” *everyone decides it’s their new mascot*

  8. I prefer longer campaigns as well. I don’t have as much time to listen as I used to, so I have to be selective. I just finished this campaign last night, for example.

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