Ashen Stars: Abundance – Episode 5

The crew of the Holiday needs to research a strange alien artifact they have discovered. A scholar on a remote and dangerous jungle planet can help them, so they travel there in hopes of learning the machine’s secrets. Unfortunately, a gang of mercenaries is hot on their trail.

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  1. “Mega Deer”, 2.5m tall…

    That’s less than half a metre taller than a bull moose.

  2. To be fair, though, a bull moose isn’t exactly tiny.

    I picture this mega-fauna to be the planet’s equivalent of a Key Deer (for reference, an adult male stands approximately 30 inches at the shoulder) but still larger than a bull moose- an animal that basically gets to Ron Swanson its way through life.

    “This is just a piece of paper that says ‘I do what I want.'”

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