Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition: The Space Between

In modern day Hollywood, a new movie, The Space Between, faces more troubles every day. The lead actress, Verity Harrow, has disappeared. The Church of Sunyata, a New Age religion, financed the movie, but its leaders have not been helpful in dealing with the crisis. Some of the cast and crew are now tasked with finding her, but they will uncover a dark secret beyond their imagining.

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  1. So what did you think of the scenario?

  2. Author

    The Space Between is a fun scenario for a one shot. It’s very dynamic because there’s a lot of paths for the PCs to take so the GM has to stay on their toes to handle it. It could also be adapted to Delta Green easily enough.

  3. About halfway through listening to this one. Kudos to your players for actually engaging with the premise; first time I ran it was at my local game store and I ended up with a group of players who refused to buy in and wanted to play Call of Cthulhu as a wacky race to zero SAN. Hardly the right group for a scenario this bleak!

    I’ve run it a couple times since and I’ve never had it end in anything except the complete extinction of humanity. Looking forward to hearing how your group deals with it.

  4. Yeah, its a bleak one but the RPPR group is used to that after playing so much Delta Green. Kinda want to run a DG version of it with a new group…

  5. This one was a blast to hear. Reminded me a lot (obviously) of Sunset of the King. Interesting player dynamics, inventive ‘problem’, and a lot of ways to tackle it.

  6. I was laughing when Shaun’s character made a car ride very memorable.

    Ross played a wonderful asshole detective and then a really great friendly church security guard.

    Felt sort of like a game of Fiasco. Great episode all.

  7. I feel like this one deserves the “mistakes were made” tag.

  8. Is the record for dying in a scenario twice or three times?

  9. Author

    Aaron has died twice in two CoC scenarios (Horrible Lonely House and Secrets of Mesoamerica) I can’t think of any player who has died three times in a scenario.

  10. Didn’t someone die multiple times in the Cthulhu Dark game where the Bible was becoming word-for-word true with attendant disastrous results?

  11. My immersion is so broken. Lived in Quincy (quin-zy) most of my life and walked most every road. First there is no buss station in Quincy with lockers. The clesest one is in South Station well into Boston. Next the only thing between Quincy and Boston is a river. Finally there is no undeveloped areas of Quincy except marshland. Even then the marsh is boxed in by buildins on 3 sides and the ocean on the 4th. You’d be going to Braintree or Holbrook to get some woods.

  12. Author

    Oh yeah, but do Cthulhu Dark games really count?

    Also, Jay, I think you’re referring to Delta Green: Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus

  13. I was surprised when DG kill teams didn’t show up and murder everyone. Once Aaron said he told his publisher everything he saw on the and that he had uploaded the video to cloud service my thought was “Welp, the algorithm pieces that together with report of human skin in a car, the tactical kill squad counter has started.”

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