Delta Green: Sweep and Clear

YOU HAVE BEEN CORDIALLY INVITED TO A NIGHT AT THE OPERA. A dirty bomb has been planted in the training center. Stop them. Get them. You have a weapon and a purpose. the RAIN in SPAIN falls MAINLY in the PLAIN where mothers WEEP and sailors SLEEP by the WAVES of the SHORES of the LAKE of the LAKE of the LAKE of the LAKE of the LAKE of the LAKE of th-

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  1. You had me at Lake of the Lake of the Lake.

  2. -e LAKE of the LAKE of the RPPR makes the BEST dg AP.

  3. Is that PDF on running surreal horror publicly available?

  4. Thanks for having me guys was so well built and thanks Ross for being an awesome Game Host. Was a lot of fun

  5. All I want to do is go back there.

  6. This might be my favorite Delta Green game yet. Wonderful story. Ross you’ve gotten really good at running these abstract horror games. Thank you.

  7. This is the kind of content for which I listen to rppr.

    This is the hotness right here.

  8. It was a joy to help on the Patreon discord and then another joy to forget all about it and see it in motion. Excellent job by the players and by Ross, it was a delight to hear your confusion and then witness your descent into puppet hell, all in the name of military profit.

  9. Just a quick note for future accuracy: you only retire from the military if you’ve put in at least 20 years or suffer a serious disability. Service members with less than 20 years are discharged from the military.

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