Ashen Stars: Abundance – Episode 6

Team Silverhawk races to a distant planet to pursue a lead in their investigation. In order to proceed, they must infiltrate a popular game show that pits contestants in a deadly arena, fighting for supremacy. Can they survive and get the intel they need?

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  1. Really enjoying Ashen Stars from RPPR.

    You’ve got that Mass Effect feel spot on.

    As good as Firefly but with more aliens.

    On a side query, you do have a massive backlog of games you want to play but do you think The Morrow Project would be a one shot in the future for RPPR?

  2. Author


    Right now, we are currently playing Scum and Villainy and Unknown Armies, along with a few one shots of various systems. We are probably going to do Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory next, then I have no idea after that.

    Is there a quick start version or starter scenario for the morrow project?

  3. I’ll check for The Morrow Project links. Sure it’s old. Really old. Bit like Fallout.

  4. And a more up to date copy of Morrow Project 4th Edition is:

    That isn’t a 30 year old starter scenario.

    Really enjoying RPPR Ashen Stars. Look forward to more 40K.

    Thanks for great APs RPPR.

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