Red Markets: Papers, Please at Patrecon 2018

A group of Takers have been hired to secure printers and laminating machines from a DMV in an overrun mall. Along the way, they will have to fight casualties, a toll booth, and other Takers. I ran this game for a group of mostly new players at Patrecon 2018. Be sure to check out the following creators:

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  1. Dan Williamson

    I do not understand how you accomplished this in 1 hour 22 minutes!? Presumably, you cut out the rules/setting explanation. Still… I guess I’ll know in 2 and a half hours if cleaning the house/walking the dog/etc take that long.

  2. Dan Williamson

    OK, so now I see how you managed to complete this in such a short time. Your players were very nice about talking and negotiating with people. Mine just wanted to shoot everyone. And we did negotiations.

  3. Dan Williamson

    They were so nice! In a campaign I could see them getting completely chewed up by the loss. “Can’t we all get along?” “No.”

  4. one thing that always gets me about new players in a game, is that they always try to leverage more cash out of the client when they find out about the Complication.

    Taker : “Well, we’ll never take one of your jobs again!”
    Client: *cheerfully* “Oh yes you will, you need the money.”

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