Ashen Stars: Abundance – Episode 2

Between squatters, odd critters, and a darker mystery, the lasers assigned to protecting Abundance 5 have their work cut out for them! Can they keep the peace while discovering the cause of all the trouble since the squatters showed up?

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  1. Well, I see the true name of this campaign is… “Water Barons 40k”. XD

  2. A few minutes in, it feels like Mutually Assured Destruction Pun edition.

  3. I’m not sure which crew I’m going to love more. Will the two groups ever come to blows!? (For logistical reasons, probably not. But I like the idea of Tom vs Tom).

    Backseat driving but maybe name the different episodes by ship name/crew, rather than planets? Or add another couple of tags to the site

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