Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – Australia – episode 16

yithian__keeper_of_the_great_library_by_moonxels-d5nrc3eThe ruins of the Great City of Pnaktous await! The investigators have learned that the cult of the Crawling Chaos is excavating the ancient city for reasons unknowable, but to thwart the cult, the heroes will chase them to the ends of the earth. Exploring the depths of this inhuman city is not without its own dangers, aside from the cultists. Strange artifacts, hazardous ruins, and terrifying monsters lurking in the darkness. Perhaps the team will find aid in the most likely of allies though…

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  1. Well, Ross was able to start two new cultists on the road to….someplace Bob Hope never went, I’m sure.

  2. I googled “this is not a kissing story” and found 9 results, all of which were fanfic (or posted on fanfic repositories). I’m going to assume Sean was responsible for all of them.

    also I think that was the most tactical-ish combat you guys have yet done in Gumshoe, maybe even considering Tribes of Tokyo (well, if you don’t count Calebschemes beforehand as tactics)

    IT IS SO FUNNY TO ME THAT TRAIL OF CTHULHU CHERRIES INVOLVE USING YOUR MUNDANE SKILLS ON MYTHOS ENTITIES. Ride cherry, mount a Mythos creature without a SAN roll! Repair cherry, know how a Mythos object is activated! it’s so silly and so fun

  3. Is anyone else having really weirdly slow download speeds on the site?

  4. Great episode. Ross you really should have had the third person be a matronly woman.

    In an episode with great comments I think my favorite was “they are stinky people?”

  5. Author

    @Crawlkill we used the optional Trail of Cthulhu cherries as described here:

    It made the game way pulpier but that’s what I was aiming for anyway.

    @Darnus, if you have download speed troubles, it’s not on our end as far as I can tell. Stitcher mirrors our episodes on their own servers, so you may try to download that app to get our podcast.

  6. I love it, after Tribes of Tokyo the more abstract and spontaneous an espionage game’s economy the better I like it

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