Atomic Robo: The Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne – Episode 4

atomic_robo_and_jenkins_by_firepunk626The scientists of Tesladyne may be on the run, but they are far from being defeated. The team must now find the other scientists in hiding and raid what caches and safe houses remain. Recruiting other employees in hiding, gathering resources, and conducting missions to find out who is targeting them is all part of the job!

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  1. I have the sudden urge to go and watch Jurassic World for some reason.

  2. Ross, you didn’t remember to use dirt bike raptors for the cover art.

  3. I love the podcasts. But get the GM (Aaron?), some therapy for his “That is” tick.

  4. Well Ragmon, while that might seem like a simple proposition on the surface you have to to consider the fact that while therapy costs money YOU FUCKING OFF would be free.

    Its a matter of fiscal responsibility.

  5. Aaron’s verbal tic has, in fact, been noticed by other people in the past. Personally, I’ve found that after listening to recordings of myself running games, my own tics are embarrassing enough that I can’t criticize anybody else (man, my sucking-through-my-teeth laugh…no wonder my wife tells me not to listen to RPPR on headphones while she’s in the room!).

    The point is, everybody’s got their issues and quirks, and if it bothers you, that’s really your problem and not the speaker’s. If you can’t get past it, hey, there’s no shame in skipping certain APs.

    Anyway, on topic. I’m loving this episode. These characters are treasures.

  6. And now I’ve gotten to the Jurassic World part. Jurassic World.

  7. I’m surprised that no one referenced the Japanese dinosaur office pranks for Tom’s stunt.

  8. Jurassic World

    I wish I was in a game Aaron was running. I hope he does Apotheosis Drive X or something at some point.

  9. Aaron, you’ve come a long way since the beginning of this game. You’re more confident in running it, play is smoother, and your love of the theme is apparent.

    Well done, my man, well done.

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