Atomic Robo: The Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne – Episode 3

atomic_robo_vs_king_zilla_by_fbwash-d2ctmlhAfter discovering the nature of the threat facing Science Team Super Five, the scientists of Telsadyne have come up with a plan to fight back. Even with their new Biomega ally, they will have to face a veritable army of bad guys, including giant kaiju. Not to worry though. Science Team Super Five has their own giant robot that the team can use to fight back. How much of Tokyo will be leveled in the fight between giants?

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  1. Armadillo is actually quite tasty.


    Not going to dispute the deliciousness of the ‘dillo, but there’s that other thing to worry about. Some people call the link above a myth, some will dispute the veracity of it… but I feel the armadillo-Patsy Cline link’s worth giving that particular meal a miss. You can probably cook it hot enough to kill off whatever bacteria are living in the thing, but that’s an awful condition to risk on a “probably.”

    …and for those who didn’t catch it,

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