Atomic Robo: The Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne – Episode 2

teamfiveThe rag tag team of misfit scientists employed by Tesladyne have been sent to Japan. Apparently Science Team Super Five is having some kind of technical difficulty on their island off the coast of Japan. Tesladyne needs their help anyway to look into their security problem after the last attack. However, when the three fighting scientists arrive on Super Five’s island, they find more than they bargained for. Can a bloodthirsty ex-Nazi dinosaur, an incredibly life-like android, and a reformed mad scientist stop the assault of the Biomegas?

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  1. It will be a while before I can start getting the in-jokes, but this group has a very awesome chemistry. As far as I’m concerned, Aaron can let the reins go a bit if they’re going to keep roleplaying like this.

  2. I’m going to need the full list of settings for the kawaii-gun. You know… for science.

  3. I’ve lost my notes from the recording, but the ones mentioned were:

    Kawaii Not?
    Kawaii Some More!
    Kawaii Just A Little
    Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii
    Kawaii Some More
    Kawaii Baby
    Kawaii Wolf
    Kawaii Me A River
    Kawaii If I want To
    The Kawaii-ing Game
    Devil May Kawaii
    It Only Hurts When I Kawaii

    Also, figuring that Aaron would send us after Kaiju or giant robots (more the latter than the former) I had one I didn’t say aloud- Big Girls Don’t Kawaii. Said setting was intended to be an overcharge that would create a 49 1/2 foot schoolgirl…

    It also ran on distilled alcohol that included extract-of-juniper, also know as Kawaii Gun Gin.

  4. All fate points to David. Also I’m loving the banter and characters in this.

  5. @David – I mean this sincerely: you are the unsung MVP of the RPPR crew.

    In retrospect, “unsung” is an inapt adjective, because whe you’re involved there’s generally quite a lot of singing, but I’ll leave it.

  6. @RCB

    *small bow* Thank you, my friend. I go to every game with the intention of having a good time, and I’m pleased that it translates well to y’all out there on the interwebs. It is my hope that I continue to make y’all smile and laugh.

    As for the singing, trying my level best to curtail that. I have a constant soundtrack inside my head, but the music I hear isn’t always the tune that matches everyone else. I’m not always successful; the song sometimes sneaks out.

  7. This campaign’s cast is fantastic. You guys are firing on all cylinders.

    And there was even a ‘Speak my peace’ drop. Love it.

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