Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – Interlude – episode 13

theshipAfter the near-apocalyptic finale of Kenya, some time passes, and the survivors awaken to find themselves on a cruise ship heading to Australia. The Lamp Lighters have brought new allies so the survivors can build a new investigative team. However, this ship’s passage through the Pacific has attracted the attention of dark forces. The new team must battle the occult if they are even to land in the Land Down Under.

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  1. I was sooo hoping Amri-whose-name-I-still-can’t-spell would vanish when the dreamer in the furnace (and how’s that for a Lovecraftian epithet) woke up, potentially validating the “I do not exist, I am a being being dreamed by another” thesis

  2. I like all the new characters. The call-backs to Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man are awesome for those of us who listened to that one, and I get the feeling that the players who didn’t participate in it had a lot of fun with their own lack of knowledge, too.

    Amri’s in a league of his/her own, though.

  3. @crawkill


    *Adventure Time Spoilers!*


  4. beyond me! I just know Amri-spelling was saying she was being dreamed, which we all knew was wrong, so it’d’ve been a great “but what if WE’RE wrong” moment!


  6. Fantastic! Entertaining and hilarious from beginning to end.

    Ross, what are these sites in Mongolia you referred to?

    Great in character dramatic irony and subtle jabs at each other. Caleb’s “I’d marry a girl like you if I was still a man” to Aaron and his rejoinder of “Well, looks like your stars have to be right” (or whatever) was fantastic.

  7. Best RPPR game in a while. If it didn’t take listening to two lengthy campaigns to fully appreciate, it would be almost worthy of a spot on the best-of page.

    Maybe it’s all in my head since episodes are posted in a weird order, but I’ve felt like Caleb wasn’t all there in some recent games (probably for reasons I can guess from the regular podcast). This episode felt like he was finally back and firing on all cylinders. He’s also gotten much better at not foot-stepping or becoming the “all-purpose solution” that everyone else throws at the problem.

  8. I remain both in awe of Caleb’s ability to destroy narrative and grateful that I have NO ONE LIKE THAT in my group. 😀

  9. Author

    @Twisting H – what sites am I referring to? Can you give me a time code so I can remember what I was talking about?

  10. I think the sites in Mongolia with mineral resources that the Russian count was interested in?

    I’m guessing that the move to Mongolia was a tie-in to Baron von Sternberg’s occult shenanigans and the Iron Devil game?

  11. The timeline is a bit dodgy for the whole Mongolia angle. This is set in 1926, IIRC? Ungern-Sternberg had been dead for five years, and the ‘Kingdom of Mongolia’, as the AP names it, had also been decisively ended in ’24 and replaced by the MPR. Any Russian aristocrats seeking to claim inherited land claims by the time of the scenario would have to be very deluded, very stupid, or very both (or, if a con man, be professionally dependent on marks being very deluded, very stupid, or very both.)

  12. Author

    Actually the whole Mongolia thing is a reference to the Laundry’s usage of Sternberg – he’s lying about why he wants to go Mongolia, not that he wants to go. As for the timeline, eh, close enough.

  13. @Ross re:Sternberg; Ah! Sorry, I didn’t know about him in the Laundry… in fact, I still don’t. Stross’s Laundry series? Anyhow, it hit my happy/uncanny valley — pleased to hear Mongolia mentioned, irritated that it was ‘close enough’ ;p

  14. Author

    Well, the main reason I included him is that the original scenario had a Russian count in it, but the ship was supposed to be in the Atlantic ocean, so the count’s destination was different. I changed him enough so that it would make sense for him to be in the Pacific ocean. That’s why he doesn’t quite make sense.

  15. That’s right, I’m vaguely remembering him from the old (primal, even!) scenario now! It’s also nice that he didn’t turn out to be a Skoptsi, despite all White Russians being suspect in this game…

    Omri (sp?) continues to delight. I like to believe that what we’re actually encountering there is a fragment of Nyarlathotep, seriously but perhaps only temporarily self-alienated.

  16. I’m only about 50 minutes in but God damn, we need another campaign with Omry.

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