Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – Kenya – episode 11

The Mountain of the Black WindThe investigators are closer than ever to the heart of the conspiracy. After recruiting a local mercenary, Nails Nelson, to help them travel to the Mountain of the Black Wind. The answers they seek lie there, but an army of cultists and other dangers stands between them and their goal. Even if they reach their destination, will they be in any shape to climb the mountain?

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  1. And so it was that Aaron joined the group and I was no longer the only one making crazy, sometimes disastrous decisions. 🙂

  2. “Nelson was still His Majesty’s prisoner for dereliction of duty when the Carlyle Expedition came to Africa. He has heard hundreds of stories about all kinds of cultists, and will gladly make up some more stories if the investigators buy the drinks. He would love to work for them and claims to know Africa like the back of his hand. He has a smattering of many languages, mainly nouns he learned from bartenders and verbs he learned from prostitutes. As long as the investigators exercise stern discipline over him and keep alcohol and narcotics from him, Nelson could be useful. If ever they must depend on him, he will run, first stealing what he can.”

    pfffff. the Act Before Thinking joke is good, but you had the paladin play this guy?

    and I swear to god if they don’t end up using She

  3. He’s playing Hardcore Aaron AKA: A slightly annoyed customer at a restaurant who received the wrong soup and is asking to talk to the manager.

  4. ahahahah I wish I could +1 you Hooligan

  5. Author

    Having Aaron play Nails was the easiest way to work him into the campaign and I wanted to have him play against type, because I am a horrible monster 😀

  6. Adding Aaron to this madcap crew is great chemistry. You got your non risk-aversive chocolate in our nitroglycerine flavored peanut butter! Can’t wait to see what happens when y’all get to the mountaintop.


  8. I’m a little surprised/disappointed Ross didn’t bring out/plug his own “Zombies of the World” book to illustrate what a Ghoul was or looked like (the New England variant). You are indeed a horrible monster. XD

  9. I actually did a fist bump when Aaron critted a knife-throw into a cultist’s neck. Then he got clean away! That was great.

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